Visual Model of Feedback Transmission in IPTV

D. Komosny, P. Cimbalek (Czech Republic), K. Ganeshan (New Zealand), J. Muller, and R. Burget (Czech Republic)


Visualization, Tree, Feedback, Multicast, IPTV, PlanetLab


This paper deals with modelling of feedback transmission in large-scale IPTV sessions. A new method used for IPTV feedback transmission is hierarchical aggregation. With this method, a hierarchical tree is formed from nodes involved in the IPTV broadcasting. For the evaluation of feedback transmission using this hierarchical aggregation, it is important to have well arranged information available about particular nodes involved in the tree. This paper introduces a visualization model developed for this purpose. The technologies used in the visualization model are XHTML, JavaScript, XML, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). We discuss properties of these tools and their impact on the final application, such as SVG support in web browsers. The web technologies used make the visual model accessible from anywhere. We tested the visual model on the global research network, PlanetLab. The nodes and the tree structure used for feedback transmission are implemented in PlanetLab. Information about the PlanetLab nodes involved is stored in a MySQL database, with timestamps, making it possible to review, visually, any of the tree structures used in the past, and compare these with others.

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