Optimization of Frequency Response and Design of Electrochemical Kinetic Measurement System

P.M. Nawghare (Botswana)


Optimization, Frequency response, Electrochemical kinetic measurement, System design guidelines.


In an electrochemical kinetic measurement system, minimization of potential setting error is achieved by selecting an adequate pilot signal and using it for adjustment of compensation within prescribed accuracy limit. However, as it employs positive feedback, stability is affected. Moreover, as it has electrolytic cell as a load, it needs to operate without occurrence of ringing. Because, ringing creates undesirable long period oscillations in the cell current and increases the settling time too much. The system also requires a wide bandwidth in order to be useful. In this paper, the factors affecting the frequency response are investigated and the conditions for optimization of frequency response are evaluated and illustrated. The results are expected to give guidelines to the design of system with optimum flat frequency response.

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