Stability of Control Systems with Two Variable Parameters

K.M. Yanev (Botswana)


Variable parameters, D-Partitioning, regions of stability


By applying any one of the known stability criterions like, Nyquist, Bode, Hurwitz, Routh, etc., the stability of a control system can be determined only if the system’s parameters are defined and constant. To determine the stability when one or more of the system’s parameters are variable, a known stability criterion have to be applied repeatedly. In order to save effort and time and to analyze the effects of parameter variations on the system’s stability, the method of the D-partitioning [1,2] can be applied. The purpose of this paper is to apply the method of the D-partitioning, in order to analyze the effects of simultaneous variations of two parameters on system’s stability. The method employs the possibility to define regions of stability in the space of the system’s parameters. The main contribution of this paper is to simplify and graphically determine the regions of stability in case of simultaneous variations of two system parameters. The followed analysis is further contributing for the design strategy of a robust control system.

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