Generalized Predictive Control for Nonlinear Dynamic System: Application of Induction Motor

B. Abdeldjebar and B. Khier (Algeria)


Generalized predictive control, induction motor, poly nomial approach RST.


A generalized predictive controller for nonlinear dynamic system is presented. Generalized predictive control (GPC) belongs to this family has been demon strated as a powerful controlling process plants. The global controller synthesis is given under RST form, and the results are compared with conventional PID controller for the induction motor. In this work a poly nomial approach of generalized predictive control is developed, whose aim to find optimal values for the tuning control. This therefore allows to track speed and flux nominal trajectories respecting the motor’s constraints. Simulation results are given in the case of nominal and mismatched parameters on the com plete non linear model.The advantages of the polyno mial predictive control law will be stressed in terms of rapidity,errors cancellations,disturbances rejection and robustness.

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