Comfort Study of a Building with Photovoltaic Panels for the Solar Protection

D. Bigot, F. Miranville, and H. Boyer (France)


Integrated thermal modelling, PV panels, Building Simulation Code.


This paper deals with the comfort study of a building with photovoltaic panels for the solar protection under strong solar radiation as encountered in tropical and humid conditions. For this study, a thermal model is integrated in a building simulation code and is able to predict the thermal impact of PV panels installed on buildings in several configurations and also their electric production. Basically, the PV panel is considered as a complex wall within which coupled heat transfer occur. Conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer equations are simultaneously solved to simulate the global thermal behaviour of the building envelope including the PV panels. The model is first quickly described, and then preliminary results are presented in terms of thermal comfort of a typical building. Those results are obtained using simulations of a typical low-inertia building given in the IEA BESTEST procedure (case 600). Conclusions are finally drawn regarding the impact of the panels in terms of comfort for summer tropical conditions.

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