Driving Simulator for the Analysis of Driving Style and Vehicle Motion Conditions

R. Bartolozzi, F. Frendo, and E. Vitale (Italy)


Driving simulator, real-time simulation, vehicle model, vir tual scenario, driving style, driver drowsiness.


This paper describes the activities carried out during the first year of a research project aimed at developing a diag nostic tool, which should be able to prevent dangerous driv ing conditions, on the basis of the correlation between the driver level of attention and the vehicle motion conditions. To this aim a fixed base driving simulator has been devel oped, which allows to record the driver inputs on the steer ing wheel and on the pedals together with all the parame ters related to vehicle dynamics, such as the longitudinal and lateral speed and acceleration, the pitch and roll angles, etc.. The simulator is based on a LAN which connects four PCs, two of which are dedicated to the simulation of vehi cle dynamics and two to the generation and updating of the graphical scenario. The simulator is currently used to col lect significant data during simulated driving tests; the data will be used in order to develop algorithms able to learn and monitor the driving style. In the paper the hardware and software components of the simulator are described; an example of different driving styles, as obtained with two drivers, is also discussed.

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