An ICO Consistency Algorithm in Large-Scale Distributed Virtual Environments

H. Zhou, W. Zhang, Y. Peng, S.K. Li, F. Zeng, and F. Liu (PRC)


Distributed Virtual Reality, Distributed Simulation, Causality Preservation, Consistency


Causality is an important issue for maintaining the fidelity and reliability of large-scale real-time distributed virtual reality environments (DVEs). However, most existing causal order algorithms are not suitable to run in large scale DVE applications due to their high cost of computation and bandwidth. In this paper, according to the event features of DVEs, a model of causal order based on interaction events is defined. The model captures the causal relationships among events, preserves the transitivity of causal order of events and relaxes the “happened before” causal relationship effectively. Then, an algorithm to achieve the interaction event-based causal order (ICO) consistency is given and it is implemented as a middleware in a distributed real-time aerial battle simulation. Experiments show that this algorithm results in less extra control overhead, small network overload and good causality preservation, and in the meantime, it can also satisfy the real-time requirement in large-scale DVE applications.

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