An Assemblage of Impressive Shots - A Video Digesting Method based on Viewer's Heart Activity

S. Toyosawa and T. Kawai (Japan)


Video digest, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), psy chophysiology, impression, attention


A video digest provides a convenient way to search and manage a vast amount of video contents. It is tradition ally generated by analysing low level features such as sound and objects, but it has been recently recognised that video viewer’s physiological reactions are also useful to reflect viewer’s perceived impressions. The present study aims at creating an impression-based video digest based on viewer’s heart activity. Heart activity is suitable for the impression-based video digesting because it can be mea sured without obtrusive sensors. Furthermore, it enables us to extract different types of impression measures conve niently from the single source; hence improvement in shot detection fidelity is expected. In our proposed method, two measures are extracted from heart activity: deceleration of heart rate and acceleration of the high frequency compo nent of the heart rate variability. In the evaluation exper iment, our method yielded 43% detection rate (the proba bility of random guessing is 17%) in comparison with the subjects’ subjective selections.

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