Algorithms on Graphs - Automatic Course Verification in eLearning

S. Jeschke, T. Richter, T. Isele, and O. Pfeiffer (Germany)


Virtual Laboratories, Course Management System, training applications, eLearning


Intelligent course management and training applications for students design eLearning courses as storyboard graphs whose nodes are elementary training units and whose edges encode dependencies between them. A well-designed sto ryboard is then able to adapt the course to learner by ob serving the history of the learning path and propose suit able course elements to the student. However, setting up a storyboard and testing it for correctness and complete ness is a tedious task that can be well taken over by the computer, too. Since storyboards are mathematically de scribed as graphs, known algorithms on graphs are readily deployed here and help authors to setup consistent courses. In this article, we introduce our course management “Marvin”, describe its properties in an eLearning frame work designed to run interactive experiments, so called “Virtual Labs”, and introduce the structure of its courses. We then define the terms correctness and completeness of a course within the system and describe algorithms that help authors to test for these properties.

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