Anonymous Electronic Auction System with ID-based Group Signature Scheme

H. Park, E. Choi, Y. Kang, H. Kim, S. Ahn, K. Chun, and Y. Won (Korea)


Electronic Commerce, Anonymous Auction System, Group Signature, ID-based Cryptosystem, Anonymity


Some works about an electronic auction system have been proposed [7, 9, 12, 15]. An electronic auction system should satisfy the following seven properties: Selective conditional anonymity with trustee; Bid con´Čüdentiality property; Bid cancellation property; Selling or Clearing price property; Auction winner Property; Bidder untrace ability property; Bidder anonymity property. Previous works do not provide all properties. We have developed an electronic auction system satisfying all properties. In addition, our system can satisfy seller anonymity property by using a group signature scheme in the bidder request.

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