An Intuitional 3D Virtual Navigation System Supporting Motion and Voice Commands

C.-S. Wang and S.-S. Kao (Taiwan)


Virtual navigation, motion, voice, WiiRemote


In recent years following a steady progression of the image representation techniques and graphic hardware, it has afforded the development of a virtual navigation system to be more achievable than before. Yet to gauge from the common virtual navigation systems to date, they either lack a direct interaction with the user, or they require using complex GUI interface, or supplying expensive and difficult-to-maintain interactive equipment, such as a sensor glove, 6-way optical mouse, human motion capturing system and so forth. This paper has adopted the common and economic equipment to devise an intuitional 3D virtual navigation system supporting voice and motion commands. The proposed system adopts the WiiRemote to capture the use’s motion information, analyze and convert them into the navigation commands, such as walking, running, turning and the like, integrating also the voice commands, allowing the user to operate the virtual navigation system intuitively and effective in an unhindered environment.

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