Performance Analysis of Myopic Policy for Opportunistic Channel Access

Y. Lee (Korea)


Quality of Servcie, Performance analysis, Queueing the ory, Myopic sensing policy, Cognitive radio, Opportunistic spectrum access,


Due to the underutilization of spectrum under the current static spectrum management policy, various kinds of dy namic spectrum access strategies have appeared. Oppor tunistic spectrum access (OSA) is one of the important dy namic spectrum access strategies. The myopic sensing pol icy has a simple OSA strategy with reduced complexity that maximizes the immediate throughput. In this paper, we propose analytic models to evaluate the throughput and the MAC delay of myopic sensing policy under saturation traffic conditions. Using the distribution of the MAC de lay, we evaluate the delay performance of secondary users under unsaturation traffic conditions. Numerical results are provided to show the performance of the myopic sensing policy in cognitive networks.

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