Comparing Static and Self-Organizing Behaviours for VoD Servers

P. Krpti (Norway), T. Szkaliczki (Hungary), and L. Bszrmnyi (Austria)


Video-on-Demand, self-organizing behaviour, simulation, performance analysis


A simulation environment was developed which can assist in the design and evaluation of video server and their algorithms. Three behaviour strategies of video servers were compared by the simulation: a static one and two self-organizing ones with different level of elasticity. Three performance measures were applied: number of served requests, client satisfaction, and one related to service quality and network load. The study involved almost 113000 video requests per simulation run and altogether 168 runs. The results indicate that self organizing behaviour can bring significant improvement in an environment with restricted resources. If the resources are too restricted or hardly restricted, the static behaviour shows a small advantage over self-organizing.

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