Design and Implementation of Performance Test Toolkit for Multimedia Stream System

Y.-J. Lee, H.-Y. Kim, and C.-H. Lee (Korea)


Performance test toolkit,Multimedia stream system


In recent years, there have been many multimedia stream systems that provide a large number of contents for a user’s preference. General-purpose streaming systems make use of the Real Time Streaming Protocol(RTSP) for streaming controls such as message passing with client players. To date, there has been minimal research regarding multime dia stream system’s performance test tools. For measuring subtle performance of a multimedia stream system, perfor mance evaluation toolkit is needed and also achieved by the RTSP control, miscellaneous test tools such as the Pseudo Player for pumping data to a specified port and the Pseu doMonitor for gathering information. In this paper, we de sign and implement a test toolkit for evaluating a multime dia stream system’s performance and show the case of its application.

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