A Delta Sigma Modulator Design Technique using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

P.A. Stubberud and M.E. Jackson (USA)


Delta Sigma Modulator (ΔΣM), analog-to-digital con verter (ADC), hybrid genetic algorithm, orthogonal opti mization, infinite impulse response (IIR) filter design


In this paper, optimal signal transfer functions (STFs) and noise transfer functions (NTFs) for discrete delta sigma (ΔΣ) modulators are determined using a novel hybrid or thogonal genetic algorithm (HOGA). For a given oversam pling rate (OSR), which is loosely defined as the ratio of the ΔΣ’s sampling frequency to the input signal’s Nyquist fre quency, the ΔΣ ’s STF and NTF are optimized with respect to a weighted combination of the ΔΣ modulator’s signal to-noise ratio (SNR) and dynamic range (DR). This robust method is shown to outperform other contemporary design techniques such as the Delta Sigma Toolbox available for MATLAB R a nd conventional filter based design methods.

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