Improved Chaos based Spread Spectrum Image Steganography

A. Kumar, A. Albagul (Libya), M.K. Ghose (India), and K. Negrat (Libya)


Steganography, Encryption, Chaos, Spread-spectrum, and Turbo codes.


An improved scheme of chaos based spread spectrum image steganography [1] has been proposed which is based on chaos-based encryption, error correction code and chaotic modulation in spread-spectrum image steganography. In proposed method, a chaos–based encryption, using an external secret key of 128-bit and a piecewise linear chaotic maps (PWLCM–s) are employed. The initial condition of the piecewise linear chaotic map is derived using the external secret key. To make encryption more robust against any attack, the secret key is modified after encrypting each block of 128 bit. We also use the piecewise linear chaotic map derived from external key for steganography and chaotic modulation. Our proposed method is secure from various types of attacks as well as to channel noise. Experimental results are provided to support these claims. The proposed method exhibits good encryption speed, and better security performance.

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