VLSI Oriented Group-based Algorithm for Multiply Reference Frame Fractional Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC

W. You, Y. Ma, Y. Song, Y. Zhuang, T. Ikenaga, and S. Goto (Japan)


H.264/AVC, FME, MRF, Group-based, VLSI design.


In this paper, a group-based prediction algorithm for Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) Fractional Motion Estimation (FME) in H.264 is proposed. Based on this algorithm, the priorities of the Reference Frames (RF) in FME are shifted in order to obtain the best matching result within a short time and to omit the calculation afterwards. Experimental results show that by adopting this algorithm, only 3 out of 5 reference frames are required to get almost the same image quality as that with 5 reference frames in FME calculation, while the computational complexity of MRF-FME in this method can be saved to 60%. Furthermore, this algorithm can be easily implemented by VLSI and embedded into H.264 hardware encoder.

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