Modelling and Simulation of GTO Thyristor and its Application in a 6 Pulse Converter

M. Zahim Sujod (Malaysia)


PSPICE, GTO Thyristor, Modelling, Converter, Firing Angle


The development of a large capacity Gate Turn-Off (GTO) thyristor has made it possible to manufacture self commutated converter employing GTO thyristor for power applications. This paper describes the design and modelling of GTO thyristor by using PSPICE, the simulation and analysis of switching waveform of GTO thyristor and the implementation of GTO thyristor as a control element in 6 pulse converter circuit. The settings of operation condition and gate circuit parameters including firing angle and time delay of turn-on and turn off pulses are also explained. Simulation results of dc output voltage are compared with mathematical calculation results, and it is shown that almost similar characteristics curves are obtained.

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