Application of the RESTART/Splitting Technique to Network Resilience Studies in NS2

A. Mykkeltveit and B.E. Helvik (Norway)


network simulation, network resilience, RESTART, Split ting, rare event simulation


Obtaining the resilience characteristics, like availability and duration of outages, of the services provided by a com munication network by simulation is a challenging task. The failure to provide a service with a satisfactory Quality of Service (QoS) level between two nodes in the network is a rare event and invites the use of special simulation tech niques. Since the QoS is determined by the routes used and the traffic pattern, this must be accounted for. This requires a simulator far more comprehensive than those used for rare event simulations until now. The approach investigated in this paper was to apply the RESTART/Splitting technique to the well-known open source simulator Network Simula tor 2 (NS2), which is capable of dealing with the required network operation and management issues. A first version simulator focusing in the application of RESTART/Splitting rather than the inclusion of all networking aspects was de veloped and compared with direct simulation of a realistic network. The approach proved to be feasible with a promising gain.

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