Chip Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation (CHILS) - Embedding Microcontroller Hardware in Simulation

C. Koehler, A. Mayer, and A. Herkersdorf (Germany)


HIL, Simulation, Emulation, Modelling, Simulation Tools


Simulation is an important method in the design and vali dation process of complex hardware/software systems like electronic control units (ECU) for automotive applications. Modelling of such systems is a trade-off between high speed, high accuracy and low effort. It is easy to create a model covering two of these three attributes but it is nearly impossible to build high speed and high accuracy models spending only low effort. Many complex hardware/software systems are a combina tion of existing parts like microcontrollers, memory sub systems, interconnect structures, I/O and hardware acceler ators. The possibility to embed a real microcontroller (MC) hardware into a system simulation of a larger technical con text would be a great benefit. The MC itself can run with high speed and full accuracy. The challenge is to embed the MC into the simulation environment so it is transparent for the system simulation whether it is a simulated or a real MC. In this paper, we present a new solution called CHILS to fulfill this requirement.

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