PLAMAGS: A Language and Environment to Specify Intelligent Agents in Virtual Geo-Referenced Worlds

T. Garneau, B. Moulin, and S. Delisle (Canada)


multiagent geo-simulations, agent behavior, Agent-orient ed language, virtual geo-referenced environment.


The micro-simulation of social and urban phenomena using software agents in geo-referenced virtual environments is a field of research whose popularity has strongly grown recently. Several platforms were developed for the specification and the implementation of this type of simulations, but they do not yet offer a complete language for the specification and validation of agents’ behaviors which have apprehension capacities of virtual space (perception, reasoning on their objectives, etc). In this article we present the PLAMAGS project in which we propose an agent-oriented language, a development environment and a 3D visualization engine completely dedicated to the development and the execution of multi-agent geo-simulations.

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