The Spacer Shape Effect on the Flow Field WITHIN the Volumatic® and Nebuchamber®

S. Abreu, L.F. Silva, S.F.C.F. Teixeira, and H. Antunes (Portugal)


Computational fluid dynamics, Asthma, Respiratory flow, Volumatic® , NebuChamber® .


Several factors influence the distribution of the drug through the respiratory tract, such as factors extrinsic to the patient. The aim of this paper was to study the influence of the spacer shape in the flow field within the Volumatic® and NebuChamber® spacer using FLUENTTM . The results obtained so far, indicated that the spacer shape affects the air flow. Some recirculation zones are distributed along the wall of the spacer body at different instants of the respiratory cycle in the Volumatic® spacer, as opposed to the NebuChamber® . These regions can influence the deposition of drug particles.

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