The Effect of Outflow Distribution on the Recirculation Properties during the Cardiac Cycle in the Iliac Bifurcation

F. Carneiro, V.G. Ribeiro, J.C.F. Teixeira, and S.F.C.F. Teixeira (Portugal)


Cardiovascular modelling, CFD, FVM, pulsatile flow.


The present paper reports the numerical studies of the inlet velocity profile and the maldistribution effect on hemodynamic, in a model of the aorta bifurcation of the iliac arteries. The cardiac cycle at infra-renal aorta was simulated and its influence on hemodynamic analysed. The stenosis development results in different flow rate distribution in the iliac arteries, and so maldistribution was studied. The three-dimensional model of aorta bifurcation on the iliac arteries was simulated using the software FLUENT of finite volumes. The results were analyzed essentially, in terms of the recirculation zone length and location, but also in velocity and wall shear stress distribution. There was a recirculation zone in all the cases, particularly at deceleration phase of pulsatile flow. Significant differences were achieved with different flow rate distribution in the iliac arteries.

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