A Temporally Heterogeneous High-Resolution Large-Scale Gaussian Random Field Model for Australian Rainfall

A. Osti, M. Leonard, M.F. Lambert, and A.V. Metcalfe (Australia)


Hydrological Modelling and Simulation, Gaussian Random Field, IPO, rainfall, Australia.


Australian rainfall conditions are highly variable in time and in space. This variability of rainfall is responsible for floods and droughts that impact rural and urban catchments alike. These extreme rainfall conditions are dependent on rainfall patterns at a large spatial scale not considered by current stochastic models. This paper describes the development of a stochastic random field rainfall model for the simulation of monthly rainfall events at a high spatial resolution across the Australian continent. Additionally, the effects of multi-decadal climatic instability on Australian rainfall patterns are substantiated over large regions of the country and included into model calibration.

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