FEM Method Simulation of Aluminium - Iron - Copper Bonding using Explosive Welding Method

M. Tabatabaee and J. Mahmoudi (Sweden)


Explosive welding, plate, impact, detonation, velocity, test, FEM


Explosive welding occurs when adjacent surfaces of appropriately positioned metals are properly thrust together by energy released from an explosive source. Experimental tests have been performed to explosively welded aluminium to copper, Iron to Iron in flat and non flat surface in three steps. The tests have been carried out using various stand-off distances and explosive ratios. Various interface geometries have been obtained from these experiments. In this study, all the experiments carried out were simulated using the finite element method. The conventional equations were used to describe the behaviour of explosive. These equations were coded into the COMSOL software. Most aspects of the explosive welding parameters were properly simulated. The flyer plate and collision velocities obtained from the analysis were validated by the pin-measurement experiments. The numerical results showed that very high localized plastic deformation produced at the bond interface.

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