Temperature Adaptive Control based on Modeling the Heating Process of an Electric Resistance Furnace

C. Panoiu, M. Panoiu, and L. Toma (Romania)


Adaptive control, modeling, adaptive controllers


This paper presents a new method of the temperature adaptive control system of an electric resistance furnace modeled by an IIR Filter. The IIR filter is used in scope of determinate the parameter values of the process heating model. The process heating model parameters are computing using filters coefficients assuming that the model is the best system having a time constant and a cool time. Based on model parameters and on the criteria that can be used for the tuning of cool time controllers it can be computed the controller parameters. In scope of eliminate the noise which interfere it was used a MLMS filter with a window of 75 samples. Finally is presented the measurement results obtained in functioning of the temperature adaptive control system of the electric resistance furnace.

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