Analysis and Optimization of the Production of Propylene Glycol by Direct Entropy Minimization

J. Manzi, G. Cavalcanti, R. Vianna, and H. Bispo (Brazil)


Entropy, chemical reactors, modeling, optimization


The paper addresses the analysis of the production of propylene glycol based on direct entropy minimization subject to operational constraints. The model for entropy production has been developed using mass, energy and entropy balances. By means of classical analytical derivatives it was found that a minimum rate of entropy production is reached when a particular relationship between the inlet temperature and the temperature of reaction is satisfied for a given residence time of the reactor. The results reveal the behavior of the system, as well as, the new operating conditions, from which a higher conversion rate has been obtained when compared with the classical results. Finally, the procedure can be used as a valuable design tool and it has proved to be one that is simple and clear.

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