Reconstruction of Respiratory Patterns from ECG Signals based on the Characterized QRS Series

S.-L. Lin and K.-S. Liu (Taiwan)


ECG; QRS series; Respiratory Signal; Breathing Frequency.


In this paper, the experiments and studies were guided into three parts. The first attempt was to develop and implement an ECG with multiple leads function. Then a mathematical model for the interaction and cross-correlation between ECG signals and respiratory patterns through the characterized QRS series was established. Simulations and experiments were designed and conducted to acquire, reconstruct, and identify the derived patterns through previous steps. On the other hand, studies toward establishing a signal analysis and transaction module were attained. The current research aims to provide a novel technique to obtain the respiration from the ECG signals while the information is not directly available but critical. In the future, such techniques are obviously important such as to the derivation of respiratory information from 24 hour ambulatory recording of ECG or ever increasing related applications.

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