Data Modelling for Complex Reality: An Application to the Clinical Risk Management

V. Di Lecce, A. Quarto, R. Dario, A. Amato, and M. Calabrese (Italy)


Modelling, Risk, RFID, Barcode, Autoidentification, Health


The aim of this paper is to discuss the well known issues related to identification of patients, products, equipment etc, since these characterize several services of hospital framework. Recently Health Authorities and regional agencies have regulated this matter due to several adverse events. Hereinafter the use of passive systems (barcode) and active systems (Radio Frequency Identifier), in relation to organizational models and therefore hospital information systems, will be described. In particular, attention is focused on issues regarding patient information traceability by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages that the barcode and RFID technology introduced also in terms of clinical risk reduction.

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