Natural Language (ARABIC) as a Strengthening Layer for Stream Ciphers in Wireless Networks

M. Mahmud (Saudi Arabia)


Natural Language, UNICODE, Stream Cipher, Berlekamp-Massey [8] Algorithm, Cryptanalyst [9], Encryption [12], Arabic language.


Inter language cryptography is considered to be an innovative idea for me and for many of my contemporary colleagues. A research work was conducted on this idea to realize it .The realization of the idea of mixing stream ciphers and Arabic language as a cipher model was immensely motivating factor for me due to my strong background in Information Security and keen affiliation and affection for ARABIC language. My research may not be restricted only to ARABIC language but it can lead to a research on inclusion of different international languages such as (French, Dutch, Chinese, Italian Japanese, Pashto or Greek etc).So my objective in this research paper is to give an extra layer of natural language to stream cipher which will strengthen the security (i.e. complexity of algorithm) and will take longer to be broken .Since Stream cipher are by self hard to be broken but still cryptanalyst have cryptanalysis algorithms (The Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm)[8] which are threat for them .So the idea of using natural language in stream ciphers will deviate cryptanalyst to break it ,and if even they break, it will be hard for them to understand because of the ignorance of the natural language that we are using in the cipher (i.e. ARABIC, Chinese or Japanese, Italian or Greek languages).The parallel key (along with key stream bits) for this type of ciphers can be the language name itself or other world of common interest between two parties may be used. So the cryptanalyst will be at sea (confused), i.e. how to crack it. It will be difficult for him to break and moreover breaking complexity of the algorithm will be increased. If the natural language with stream cipher is used in Ad-hoc networks, that will give immense security for wireless systems in the existing insecured world of wireless.

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