Plants' Shading Effect in a Test Cell A CFD Study

C.A. Baxevanou, D.K. Fidaros, and A.D. Tzachanis (Greece)


Passive solar, plants, transport phenomena, CFD


In the present study is investigated numerically the flow and transport phenomena in test cell with partially shaded its south side by trailing plant. The two dimensional steady-state transport equations for the velocities, turbulence, energy and spectral intensity of radiation are solved numerically by a finite volume numerical model. The turbulent nature of the flow is simulated by the well known two equation k-ε model while the incident radiation is used the Discrete Ordinates (DO) model. The model efficiently renders the buoyancy effects inside the cell, the cooling capacity of the plants, the heat transfer phenomena of solar radiation and heat conduction through the cell walls. The results show considerable temperature decrease to the south wall of cell due to plants. This fact could lead to important energy savings in warm seasons and places avoiding the expensive air-conditioning of these places. The systematic quantification of these gains may establish a new way of thinking for passive cooling and designing. The present model allows conclusion to be drawn and several predictions to be made for various climatic regimes, wall materials and kinds of plants.

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