Santos: A Digital Human in the Making

K. Abdel-Malek, J. Arora, L.F. Law, C. Swan, S. Beck, T. Xia, R. Bhatt, J. Kim, Y. Xiang, M.K. Rasmussen, C. Murphy, A. Laake, A. Mathai, T. Marler, J. Yang, and J.P. Obusek (USA)


Digital human; predictive dynamics; muscle strength; muscle fatigue; clothing modeling; skeletal model


This paper presents the new developments of the next generation of the digital human Santos. The new features include (1) a 211-degree-of-freedom realistic skeletal model with deformable skin; (2) advances in a new method for dynamic motion prediction, called predictive dynamics; (3) advances in strength and fatigue modeling; and (4) advances in virtual human clothing interaction simulation. With these new developments, Santos can simulate posture and motion with higher accuracy, predict realistic cloth interaction, consider strength and fatigue factors in predictive dynamics, and facilitate improved and more efficient product design. In addition to providing new developments with various aspects of human modeling, this paper also highlights two high-level approaches to human modeling. First, predictive human modeling is addressed on the joint level, as opposed to the muscle level. This is especially novel with respect to strength and fatigue. Secondly, all aspects of human modeling either affect or are affected by motion prediction; predicting motion on the joint level is the core of the comprehensive human model. Ultimately, Santos can be deployed in different fields to serve various customers.

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