Toward Demand Side Management: A Case Study in Oman

P.S. Solanki, V.S. Mallela (Oman), M. Allan, and C. Zhou (UK)


Airconditioners, Energy efficiency ratio, Demand side management, Residential load, Policies and energy saving


Demand Side Management is rather a new concept in Oman. It appears that major attention is not paid so far to consider Demand Side Management in the country. However, with fast rate of industrialization and technological advancements that are taking place in recent times, it becomes imperative for the concerned authorities to consider Demand Side Management for implementation. This paper presents a case study in Oman in the broad domain of Energy Conservation by demand side management. The paper discusses the residential load demands and focuses on the window air-conditioner units towards energy saving as part of demand side management policy. Energy savings of the order of 35% appears to be possible by proper selection of air conditioner units and through public awareness camps. The paper presents the analysis and results in quantitative terms which should encourage the concerned authorities to appreciate the need for implementing suitable demand side management policies.

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