Identification and Patient's Vital Signs Monitoring Solution based on RFID and Wireless Technologies

R. Sliz, H. Kotipalo, I. Ashraf, S. Sasin, H. Alamaki, and H. Sorvoja (Finland)


Medical records, Patient identification, 6LoWPAN, Tele health.


A hospital’s ability to effectively deliver services requires a communication system that under rigorous time con straints can handle information about patients. A wireless transmission solution which links the positive patient iden tification with electronic medical records (EMR) is pre sented in this paper. Also, a prototype device based on IEEE 802.15.4 and RFID technologies was developed. Dif ferent RFID tags (patient, nurse, medical device) are re trieved by the RFID reader implemented into prototype. After successful identification sentence, the radio transpon der starts sending the EMR data through access point to server, which will link them with patient ID information. All data can be referred, on real-time, by allowed person nel from any networked device in the hospital (PC, PDA, mobile, etc.). Employed identification procedures reduce significantly the risk of patient misidentification. More over, the implementation of 6LoWPAN protocol makes this solution technology independent and allows an easy transi tion to another wireless technology like WLAN or UWB. In this work, test regarding transmission factors and com parison with other wireless technologies were performed. These tests demonstrated that the 802.15.4 technology used in this prototype is not efficient enough. However, this so lution combined with another wireless transmission tech nology can be utilized and can consequently improve hos pital workflow.

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