The MAGLET - A New Electrical Outlet for the Elderly

A. Euerby, M. Neiman, S. Swanson, C. Denis, B. Best, T. Gevaert, C. Wilson, P. Yu, and J. Zelek (Canada)


Electrical outlet, elderly, back strain


Through loss of dexterity, balance, strength and vision, an ever-growing number of elderly people are experiencing significant impediments to independent living in the home. In particular, the elderly have difficulty plugging and unplugging electrical devices due to the three-prong outlet and plug design. A solution has been designed that will improve accessibility, visibility, and decrease the need for user dexterity such that the elderly require reduced effort plugging and unplugging electrical devices. The design is a three concentric ring magnetic plug and outlet adapter. The final concept fits the standard plug and outlet offering a new interface that is orientation independent, easy-to-insert and highly visible. This was demonstrated by a low-voltage prototype. For the prototype to become a viable solution for market optimal materials for the conductance of electricity and magnetic attraction must be chosen and high-voltage safety features must be finalized.

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