Eye-Operated Assistive Technology for Environmental Control

F. Shi and A. Gale (UK)


Human-computer interface, eye tracking and control


Individuals with severe disabilities are very dependant upon carers, even for the simplest of everyday acts. However, suitable assistive technology can give such individuals improved independence. The ability to control environmental and other ICT devices in the home is an important factor for individuals with severe movement impairments and the development of an eye-operated control system for such individuals is described. This allows an individual firstly to identify a device and then choose to operate it primarily by using their eye gaze. A user focussed approach was used by first identifying what devices a user with restricted mobility would want to operate as well as involving potential users, carers and associated professionals through the development process. Whilst such a system does not represent the best interactive approach for all users in all situations it does represent an important and useful option for individuals with movement restrictions.

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