Power Oscillation Damping using UPFC in Automatic Power Flow Control Mode with Constant Power Reference

D. Aravindan, G.S. Ilango, C. Nagamani, and A.V.S.S.R. Sai (India)


Unified Power Flow Controller, power oscillation damping, automatic power flow control mode, Feed-back linearization.


UPFC has been proposed in the context of power transmission to increase power flow as well as an aid for improving the power system stability. This paper presents results of investigations on the role of UPFC installed in a Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) in damping power oscillations during automatic power flow control mode with constant reference. Detailed modeling of the system is carried out which includes the standard machine model for the alternator and the three-phase model of UPFC. The test set up consists of a laboratory alternator of 9.3-kVA rating and a 1-kVA rated UPFC. Two closed loop control schemes namely PI control scheme and feed-back linearization control (FBLC) scheme are considered for UPFC internal control. To create oscillations in the system a sudden mechanical change is given to the alternator. Simulations using MATLAB/Simulink program are carried out to determine the efficacy of the controllers for UPFC in damping the power oscillations. From the results a comparison of performance of the two controllers, reveals that the FBLC based UPFC is far superior than the PI based UPFC in damping the power oscillations in automatic power flow control mode with constant reference.

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