Development of Customized Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Automation System (DAS) for Effective Fault Operation and Fault Isolation

M.M. Ahmed and W.L. Soo (Malaysia)


Customized LV DAS, SCADA-HMI Software, RTU, Alarm Events, Fault Operation and Fault Isolation.


This paper presents the development of customized Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Automation System (DAS) with effective fault operation and isolation capabilities. It utilizes Human Machine Interface (HMI) for customized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) at customer side DAS. It operates and controls the low voltage (LV) down stream of 415/240V by using the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) distribution system. SCADA based Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) along with power line communication (PLC) system are used for DAS development that practically simulates the LV distribution system functions in an automated manner. Its main contribution is the first ever DAS research work done on customer side substation for operating and controlling between the consumer side system and the substation. The main features are based on building HMI, fault operation system which provides a graphical operator interface function to monitor the system. The HMI of SCADA system is developed using customized software and an RTU microprocessor and its software implements for LV operation and control purposes.

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