Optimization of Buried Type Waveguide for Single-Mode Operation

I. Yulianti, A.S.M. Supa'at, S.M. Idrus, and A.B. Mohammad (Malaysia)


Fiber optic communication, singlemode waveguide, buried type waveguide.


The optimization of buried type waveguide for single mode operation has been done using effective index method (EIM) and finite difference utilizes alternating direction implicit (ADI) method. The waveguide dimension is 7×7 μm2 . The waveguide structure with 0.35% of core-cladding relative refractive index difference operate as a single-mode waveguide in optical communication transmission window from λ = 1.3 μm to 1.55 μm. The cosine S-bend developed from the waveguide provides very low attenuation. Optimum longitudinal lengths are 1600 to 2000 μm for offset 15 μm with attenuation below 0.05 dB. Hence, the S-bend can be considered as a straight waveguide.

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