A Modulated Beacon Receiver Implementation for SatCom-based Broadcast Message Applications

S.-B. Park, D.-W. Jang, and S.-K. Oh (Korea)


SatCom, Beacon, Receiver, Implementation, Synchronization


In this paper, an approach to the implementation of a modulated beacon receiver for low data rate broadcast message applications in Korean SatCom systems (MooGoongWha -5) is described. As for the beacon signal waveform defined by a power spread bi-phase waveform, an efficient carrier regeneration scheme, a kind of feed forward scheme, which is fast and reliable has been developed and implemented for SatCom-based broadcast message applications. The proposed feed forward carrier recovery scheme estimates synchronization parameters in two modes, namely, acquisition and tracking in two subsequent phases. At the start of signal reception, the FLL block that consists of FFT-based frequency detection and 2nd loop filter is able to continually estimate the carrier frequency as accurately as is needed for reliable beacon signal dispreading. Then the PLL block reduces and maintains the residual frequency and phase errors within a very small tolerance range for accurate data (broadcast message) detection The performance of the prototype receiver showed that it could survive in the fast phase and power variation environments

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