Analysis on the Downlink Cell Capacity of TD-SCDMA System

J.G. Kim (Korea)


Downlink Capacity, cell parameter, LCRTDD, TD SCDMA


TD-SCDMA system, which is one of International Mobile Telecommuncations-2000 (IMT-2000) standardization, has got much attentions from the mobile communication industry. This paper investigates the downlink cell capacity of the TD-SCDMA system and analyze the impact of several downlink cell parameters. First, we determine some downlink parameters to be considered in planning TD-SCDMA cellular network based on the 3GPP specifications of TD-SCDMA system. Second, the performance of downlink of TD-SCDMA is derived from the analysis of the relationships between power of each channel, transmission loss, transmission power and etc. Simulation results show that the downlink capacity is evaluated according to the variation of the downlink parameters in the case of voice and low rate data service scenarios. The efficient cell planning strategy and downlink capacity improvement techniques of TD-SCDMA system can be derived by using the analyzed results, but the further considerations and refinement on the cell parameters and performance analysis on other possible scenarios need to be added to implement in a real environment.

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