An Efficient Ant Colonies Algorithm: QoS-based Load Balancing for Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks

A.A. Moghanjoughi and S. Khatun (Malaysia)


Load Balancing, Ant colonies, QoS, Route optimization


In this paper, a new method is proposed for load balancing in Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs). WMNs that consist of static wireless routers, some of which, called gateways, are directly connected to the wired infrastructure. This policy is based on Ant-Net method with movable factors having operation similar to ant. The main point considered in this proposed method is capability of breeding of ants. This capability is continuation of route that is produced by the parent ants. By this capability, the target is to find an optimized route by creating a number of generations. In addition, it uses various generations, in a type of genetic algorithm to find optimized route. This can provide the required route with special goals. This method is able to prevent some of the difficulties which have not been seen in the colony algorithms of ants. The results show that, this new proposed method shows better operation in comparison to Ant-Net and other related methods. Also it can significantly increase the throughput and reduce the rate of delay in the network.

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