A One-to-One Multi-Hop Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

T. Sasama and H. Masuyama (Japan)


Ad hoc wireless networks, onetoone communication, previous routing information, simulation


Wireless ad hoc networks are composed of mobile nodes that either communicate via either direct wireless links or multi-hop wireless links through a sequence of intermediate nodes. Due to the dynamic nature of this technology, link state and routing table obtained through global information exchanges are no longer suitable to support routing in this network. Routing for path searches must be performed just before data transmission. Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol is suitable for networks with a higher range of node mobility rates and movement speeds resulting in higher power efficiency. Since, in this protocol, each node uses previous routing information of other nodes in the subsequent routing, a large amount of packets is required to get the information. In this paper, revised protocols are discussed and their priorities are evaluated in the simulations.

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