Performance Analysis of Multi-Rate IEEE 802.11 Networks over Gaussian Channel

B. Li, L. Huang (PRC), C.-H. Ke, and D.-J. Deng (Taiwan)


IEEE 802.11, medium access control (MAC), multirate, saturation throughput, and Gaussian channel


IEEE 802.11 supports adaptive rate mechanism, which selects the transmission rate according to the condition of wireless channel, to enhance the system performance. Thus, the research of multi-rate MAC performance has become one of hot research topics. In this paper, we study the performance of multi-rate IEEE 802.11 MAC over Gaussian channel. A simple but accurate analytical model is presented to compute the system saturation throughput. We validate our model through simulation. The numerical results show that the performance of IEEE 802.11 DCF with RTS/CTS access is slightly better than that with basic access in multi-rate and high-error network, while multi-rate IEEE 802.11 DCF with RTS/CTS access performs much better than IEEE 802.11 DCF with basic access in low-error environment.

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