Comparison between Overlay Cognitive Radio and Underlay Cognitive Ultra Wideband Radio for Wireless Communications

A.A. El-Saleh, M. Ismail, O.B.A. Ghafoor, and A.H. Ibrahim (Malaysia)


Cognitive radio, ultra wideband, spectrum sensing, and waveform design.


The conventional fixed spectrum allocation, where the spectrum regulatory bodies give exclusive rights of resources to customers, has anxiously led to spectrum scarcity. Meanwhile, the phenomenon of spectrum underutilization has been significantly observed and investigated using smart radio concepts such as cognitive radio (CR) and dynamic spectrum access (DSA). In this paper, two CR-assisted solutions, namely, the overlay CR and underlay cognitive ultra wideband radio CR-UWB have been presented and extensively explored to resolve the spectrum scarcity bottleneck, to propose a generic CR/CR-UWB model, and to provide open research trends for implementing such futuristic technologies. This research outcome states that the optimal realization of such technologies is mainly subject to the spectrum sensing and adaptive waveform design advances.

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