Signature Code Designing for OCDMA System based on Steiner System on Affine Plane

C. Li, C. Zhang, F. Xu, Y. Zhan, Q. Xia, J. Cai, X. Li, and X. Sun (PRC)


Steiner system, signature code, bit error rate (BER),optical codedivision multiple access (OCDMA)


The corresponding relation between points array in finite Galois field and Steiner system has been found,the existence of Steiner system in finite filed is proved. By connecting part points array with Steiner system, the design scheme of optical orthogonal code based on Steiner system has been established. The design results of ST-OOC (qk,k,1) has been acquired and its performance is analyzed in detail. The results indicate that ST-OOC has excellent performance and characters, such as the low correlation, large cardinality, and flexible choosing of code-length and code-weight.

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