INPAT: An Intelligent Network Performance Analysis Tool

M.S. Bin Abdul Aziz, Z. Ishak, and N.M. Din (Malaysia)


Fuzzy Logic, Network Performance, Delay, Jitter and Loss Rate


This paper presents the development of an intelligent network performance analysis tool (INPAT) that complements an existing network simulator toolkit. INPAT has the capability of doing network performance evaluation using a fuzzy logic decision making scheme. INPAT can be beneficial to many people inclusive of students, who are interested in network performance analysis. It provides a technique for further advancement in the network management area. MATLAB’s Fuzzy Logic Toolbox is used to develop the fuzzy logic engine for data analysis. TCL/TK programming language is used to embed the fuzzy logic engine and data processing program within a single GUI for easy use. Potentially this project will realize the idea of network performance analysis by just a click of a mouse.

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