Dealing with Cultural Differences in a 3D Virtual Classroom: A Case Study of Collaboratively Constructing a Virtual Tower of Babel

E. Prasolova-Førland (Norway), T.G. Wyeld (Australia), and T.-W. Chang (Taiwan)


3D Collaborative Virtual Environments, multi-cultural classroom, collaborative learning.


The collaboration project described in this paper involved students across three cooperating institutions, on three different continents in different time zones, building a virtual Tower of Babel in a 3D Collaborative Virtual Environment (3D CVE). Much Information and Communication Technology work today involves international collaboration. This requires cross-cultural understandings with one’s co-collaborators, but there are few opportunities for this to occur in a pedagogical setting. Therefore, this paper outlines a pedagogically oriented case study of the use of a 3D CVE as a multi cultural collaborative classroom.

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