e-Notebook Tool for Effective Knowledge Construction from Web: Encouragement of Multi-Perspective Thinking and Prevention of Copy-and-Paste

H. Mitsuhara, S. Nakaya, K. Kanenishi, and Y. Yano (Japan)


Knowledge construction, web, e-notebook, multi perspective thinking, copy-and-paste


This paper describes how to realize effective knowledge construction from the web, focusing on multi-perspective thinking and a copy-and-paste problem in a writing assignment. Our fundamental idea is to provide students with an e-notebook tool. This tool enables a student to construct knowledge by thinking about and externalizing (visualizing) the content of his/her visited web pages and creating his/her e-notebook. In order to prevent non effective knowledge construction by copy-and-paste, this tool forbids to copy and paste the content and always stores the e-notebook file on not his/her client computer but his/her personal space in the LMS.

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