Adaptive Web3D Virtual Learning Environment using Interest Management

R. Gu, M. Zhu, and N. Zhang (PRC)


Adaptive, Virtual Learning Environment, Interest Manage ment


Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a computer-based online learning environment, which provides opportuni ties for geographically distributed student to learn at the time and location of their choosing. Especially the Web3D VLE can bring us more rich learning experience as well as the information overload and low adaptive for the huge of 3D data. In this paper, we propose prototype of adap tive Web3D VLE with interest management supported, named VLE-IM. VLE-IM provides the interest manage ment methodology with correlation analysis, the descrip tion of the correlation interest scheme using digraph. Sys tem can filter the update message and network traffic us ing Web3D Level-of-Detail(LOD) control based on Xj3D and Java programming language. JXTA technology based architecture can accommodate prototype system with cen tralized/decentralized mode and high scalability. Incorpo rated with these approach, VLE-IM meets the request of adaptive Web3D VLE. Besides; some development issues are address in this paper.

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